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Need Analysis
Depending on your product and sales channel, your company can profit in a variety ways by using configuration software. For proposal generation or order processing, your company can raise revenue and save costs. Also, business processes such as product selection or maintenance may benefit as well.

By investigating your business processes, starting points for improvements are established and your specific requirements for configuration software are identified.

Software Evaluation
Based on your requirements, Brinkop Consulting helps you to find the right configuration software for your company. A multilevel selection process is created which allows you to compare different approaches and to find the configuration software that provides the best fit.

Project Management
The management of configuration projects is complex. Your employees may not be familiar with configuration problems, there may be multiple groups of interest involved, and the objectives may not be specified in detail. Brinkop Consulting's experience helps you to manage all these issues so that you can achieve your project's objectives on time and below the estimated budget.

Brinkop Consulting - Specializing in Configuration