Market Guide to Product Configuration

The “Market Guide to Product Configuration” shall help companies who want to initiate a configuration project by giving them an overview of the market.

This guide focuses on supplier of configuration software with product configuration as their core business. Their product configurators can be run stand-alone or can be integrated in the existing IT landscape. Setting up interfaces is daily work.

One will not find supplier in this guide, which offer configuration just as an add-on to their main business.

The first part of the guide gives an introduction to product configuration. It serves as theoretical background for the second part. The second part is built up by contributions of the supplier. On two pages for each supplier one can find their answers to the questionnaire, company / product description, and references.

The seminar "Aspects of Product Configuration" introduces the factors for successful development and operation of a product configurator. It helps you choosing the right configuration software by explaining the topics mentioned in this market guide in depth.

Download Seminar Information

Please contact me for the next seminar date available. The seminar can also be conducted on your premises.

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